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Perula diamond CA9 (3 pieces)


Perula diamond CA9 (3 pieces)

  • About this product

    By softening the diamond particles from the surface layer to the center with rubber and adhering them in an exquisite balance using our special processing technology, we have achieved both excellent grinding power and durability that can be used safely until the end of the core.

    Main applications

    Perula diamond CA9 is ideal for grinding and polishing the cusp after oral setting. For contra-angle.

    CA9 M (wine red) Medium finish
    CA9 F (purple)


    CA9 SF (Yellow) Final finish

    Click here for details (Peruvian diamond special site)


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  • Features

    Nano-level polishing for everyone

    On nano-level polished surfaces, plaque adhesion is suppressed and the effect on opposing teeth is very small. Therefore, it is designed so that it can be finished at the nano level in 3 steps quickly and easily with a contact of about 1 second. (* Information that polishing can reduce the amount of friction between opposing teeth has been published in many academic societies and literature.)

    Diamond moves to realize powerful and soft cutting

    The diamond protrudes from the surface of the rubber due to centrifugal force, which improves the efficiency of shaving. In addition, the rubber absorbs the impact received by the diamond, reducing the risk of cracks.

    Excellent durability with high-purity diamond

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