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Research and Development
We are constantly researching the latest technologies and developing new products so that we can respond to the voices of our customers. The products in the center of the machine tool are manufactured while carefully checking each one carefully so that they can be used for various purposes with the motto of overwhelmingly reducing the number of polishing steps.

What is a rubber whetstone?

A rubber grindstone is a grindstone that uses rubber as a binder and mixes abrasive grains.
The hardness, strength, coefficient of friction, etc. can be adjusted by adding various types of rubber as a binder. Therefore, it can be said that it is a grindstone that can be used with any material.
In the polishing work, the rubber whetstone can perform gentle polishing by demonstrating the softness of rubber that other whetstones do not have.
However, there is a demerit that the efficiency of shaving is deteriorated due to the softness of rubber, but our rubber whetstone has overcome the problem by repeating research and developed "rubber whetstone that can be shaving softly".
In addition, our rubber grindstone with diamond abrasive grains is developed and manufactured with the theme of "just touching it for 1 second to achieve the desired surface quality" so that you can sharpen it by hand and feel that it is intuitive.

Products using rubber grindstones

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