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Zirconia Bar ®

Zirconia bar is a rotary bar whose working part is made of zirconia.

It was developed from the shape of the blade by utilizing the characteristic of zirconia, which is a material that is hard to be charged.

Therefore, the cutting powder obtained by scraping the resin with a zirconia bar does not carry static electricity and does not cling to it so that it can be lightly blown with air.

* "Zirconia Bar ®" is a registered trademark of Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Zirconia Bar ®

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  • 品番 / 寸法


    品番 粗さ 刃の形状
    DD6-Zr20 ファイン クロスカット
    DD6-Zr28 スーパーファイン クロスカット


    作業部径φ : 6.0mm

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