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Foto 8.9 Dental model (medical device)

* Notes on purchasing this product

・ For the first purchase, it is mandatory to subscribe to dental support.

・ One support per base.

・ When purchasing the second unit, select [No maintenance support].

・ If you purchase multiple units for the first time, use the second and subsequent units.  Select No maintenance support.


Foto 8.9 special page

Hardware specifications

Body size: Width 280 x  Depth 240 x  Height 465  mm

Body weight: 12.5kg

LCD panel: 4K monochrome panel

Light source: 405nm

Main unit operation: 3.5 inch LCD touch panel

Voltage: 120W

Connection method: USB memory, Ethernet

Slicer software: FlashDLPrint


Print characteristics

Modeling method: LCD-SLA method (stereolithography method)

Modeling size: Width 192 x  Depth 120  x  Height 200  mm

X / Y axis accuracy: 5 μm

Stacking pitch: 0.05 – 0.2  mm (maximum configurable layer 0.025mm ~)

Print speed: 10-50mm / h

Compatible resin: UV resin for 405nm LCD

Foto 8.9 Dental model (medical device)